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Rainstorm's Weather Report

What is Video Production? Why do I Need it?

In this short video Rainstorm's Aaron Hudson discusses the basics of what video production entails, how your business can benefit from utilizing video more and how other businesses are successfully utilizing their video content to the furthest potential and benefit.

Mitratech Interact Conference


Multi-Day Conferences are a crux of many companies years. Where they both celebrate the previous years accomplishments and set the tone for what's to come. These type of events are a mixture of keynote speakers, breakout sessions, fun evening outlets. It's also a great opportunity for video - highlights and coverage of the event, and a great opportunity to film client testimonials and more.

financial planning


Visual Communications provides almost unlimited options in new ways to build relations with your clients. In this case we filmed specific videos for each team member at various steps of client cultivation - from initial consultations through various meetings - allowing them to not only introduce themselves in a uniquely personal way, but detail what tasks and areas they help the client with.



This was a smaller conference in size but not in content or attendee quality. Several large businesses discussed various technologies and how the future will be affected by said technologies, all with several high profile speakers.

Bach Talk

Financial Investment Interview

New York Times Besteller David Bach interviews Stephanie and Steve of Fullerton Financial Planning about their goals and business model.

Boys and Girls Club

Kid of the Year Celebration Video

For several years we've been tasked with creating this heartwarming project. Every Metro Phoenix Club chooses a boy and a girl to be their "kid of the year." This video that tells those kids stories plays at the big fundraising even that celebrates their teens chosen for Youth of the Year.

Investment Opportunity

green screen financial investment video

Visual communications can take a financial investment pitch far beyond information packets and powerpoint presentations. We shoot all our green screen with high bitrate codecs and 4:2:2 color space for crisp, clean mattes.

Red Cloud War Shirt

Educational Art Presentation

This is a very unique piece of art - a perfect recreation of Red Cloud's War Shirt. One of the three artists involved in it's creation was in town so we filmed and put together this piece on his presentation to help sell the piece or be used in helping educate people on the piece inside a museum.

Maya Day + Night Club

Walk Thru

Caitlin talks viewers in and around Maya Day + Night Club, showcasing how it can be used both for private and corporate parties and events.

Financial Planning


Visual Communications provides almost unlimited options in new ways to build relations with your clients. In this case Mary discusses how she handles giving new, potential and veteran clients 5 star service both in and out of the office as well as handling special events throughout the year.

Mira Bella Energy Intro Video

green screen website intro video

In an era of the "youtube generation," visual communications is a important and invaluable asset to any companies website. In this case the client wanted something that would get across the basics of their product and company goals in a fresh, classy but exciting way for web traffic that's seeking something quicker than reading verbiage and digging into deep links on the site itself. For benefit of the clients time, we shot the green screen work on location at their office with our portable chroma studio, shooting in 100mbps with 4:2:2 color space video for crisp, clean mattes.

Client Birthday Video

Special Way to Celebrate your Clients

Here was an interesting idea! We've created several Birthday Cards for this particular clients own respective clients, and they wanted to take it one step further this year. So we took to creating a fun video, featuring their staff (without them ever having to leave the office!), that would tie-in themewise and aesthetically with the card that will be sent to clients emails throughout the year when their birthday comes up.

Celebrity Tux & Tails

Store Grand Opening

There comes a time in thriving small businesses to take a leap of faith and bold new steps in fulfilling a larger dream. In this case Celebrity Tux & Tails, who have been providing top notch service in tux and suit rentals for years, saw their success lead them down the path of opening up a brick and mortar store to help better serve clients valley wide. Inviting friends and vendors, as well as pillars of the local business community, we were there to capture this great event.

success village intro

green screen talking head/company intro

Another example of an introduction video for a business website. Whether utilizing green screen, trendy shallow depth of field looks, or another avenue, a talking head introduction video can be an important and imformative way to introduce potential clients to your business. This video, like all our green screen work, was shot on a camera with a broadcast quality bitrate and 4:2:2 color space to create clean, smooth mattes.

Show Intro

Educational Series Intro

A simple, to the point intro for a educational series we were working on for a well known comic book artist.

Southwest Fireworks

60 Second Promo

A simple 60 second spot highlighting exactly what the company provides - a bright, amazing fireworks shot, as well as how crowds react. We had two cameras on the fireworks show itself and one covering the people enjoying the spectacle.

financial planning

client testimonial video

What better way to showcase your success and trustworthiness to potential clients than showing them what current clients think?

raars 2014 sizzle reel

highlight & intro to raars

When you have a product to sell, why not use trendy, fast paced imagery of the creation process for your marketing beneft?

racing simulator promo

racing simulator promo for clients

Our friends at Kaleidoscope called us up, letting us know that they had a new race car simulator to offer certain potential clients, as well as some footage of it, which they had no idea how to utilize to market their new to. That's where we came in.

Note: The animated video logo for Kaleidoscope at the end of the video was also created by us. Ask us how we can create a similarily powerful way to market your companies name and branding.


excerpt from power plant safety video

Mesquite Power wanted a fresh and more time conducive way to do the safety training required for their employees and guests. So, instead of a full-on safety seminar and training meeting happening a number of days every month, they called on us. We created a 20-minute safety video they could show time and time again, to be followed up by a brief Q&A and map handing out maps of the area. 

book marketing

readers discuss their favorite parts

We helped the author of Intercessors: Exordium wanted to market her work further by bringing in readers of various ages, sexes and races to discuss their favorite parts of the book. Watch as a few key parts in general come up over and over regardless of the readers age or gender. Filmed with a mixture of (mostly) green screen and on-location testimonials.

bamboo bakery training

bamboo bakery cake decorating training

Training videos can equal a lot of different things. In tthe case of this work with Bamboo Bakery,  this was the second part of a four part series on how to decorate your own cake.


intro & needs promo for animal shelter

A look at the Lucky Paws No-Kill Animal Shelter, as well as an idea of what their needs were at the time of filming this piece.

mission one promo

work in thailand promotional video

Our friends at Mission One had a lot of materials from their work in Thailand - raw footage, audio, still photographs and more, all shot and captured by amateurs. What they didn't have was the means or resources to put it together in any coherent way. That's when they called us in.

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